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We Believe If Our Clients Are Successful... We Are Successful

In 1979, ATMC began offering innovative auto related membership programs through financial institutions all across America. By working closely with clients to understand the needs of their members, ATMC created a number of successful products and maintained a trusted role as a versatile and consistent source of revenue for its partners.

As the marketplace changed with the normal swings in the economy, so did ATMC. Our proactive approach to sales and marketing has enabled ATMC to maintain growth through the recent economic turbulence as the company now offers a new and market-right portfolio of products and services for a number of sectors, including automotive aftermarket retailers, trade associations, employee groups, credit unions, and financial institutions.

Fully supported by our in-house team, our programs are engineered to provide your customers with incredible value, while offering your company a new source of revenue and enhanced customer relationships. Some of the benefits our clients are realizing as a result of selecting ATMC as a business partner are:

  • Improved customer acceptance ratio of the products provided by ATMC
  • Comprehensive and on-going associate training and store support to improve sales and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Customized reporting tools for analysis of our mutual goals
  • Expert Licensing and Legal/Regulatory Compliance
  • Innovative Marketing and Product Development Support
  • Highest Standards of Member Service

ATMC has built a reputation of trust, service and expertise in marketing affinity membership programs that meet compliance requirements in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. We recognize that your responsibility to meet the demands of your company must always be balanced against risk, capital expenditures, regulatory compliance and the ultimate judge of your success... your customers.

This is exactly what we've helped our clients accomplish for over three decades.

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The American Traveler Motor Club is a subsidiary of FIMC whose primary product lines are:
  • The Home & Auto Security Plan: A premium product offering Safety Security and Savings
  • The Everyday Essentials Collection: A value based product suite providing discounts and services for everyday living
  • American Traveler Motor Club: Expertise & Discounts for Everything Automotive - traditional auto club memberships made easy
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